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Prospectus and Admissions

  • First Level:

    Four years Primary Education from First to Fourth Standards

    In this level students are trained in Urdu language, reading of the Holy Quran, basic religious practices and mathematics.

  • Second Level:

    Four years upper primary education from Fifth to Eighth standards

    At this level subjects like Islamic studies, moral education, social studies, grammar and composition, Arabic, Persian and tajweed (phonetics), mathematics, geography, history and general science are taught.

  • Third Level:

    Secondary Education and Graduation:

    This seven years intellectually productive level comprises Moulvi (Matriculation), Alim (Intermediate) and Fazil (Graduation). First two stages are of two years each and the third stage duration is three years. Tafseer (interpretation of Quran), Hadith (Prophetic sayings), Islamic Jurisprudence and Beliefs, Logic and Philosophy, Seerat (Biography), and Arabic Literature are the main courses at this level.

  • Fourth Level:

    Four years upper primary education from Fifth to Eighth standards

    Duration of this course is two years. Qualified Fazil (Graduates) are eligible to study this course. The students have to opt any one of the stream either Tafseer or Hadith or Fiqh or Kalam or Arabic Literature or the History of Islam.

  • Department of Research:

    The postgraduates are eligible in this Research Department to conduct a research work on a selected topic under the mentoring of any of the Jamia’s Professors.

  • Department of Hifz:

    There is separate Department of Hifz (Memorization of the Quran), Tajweed (Phonetics of the Quran) and Qirat (Recitation of the Quran in the Jamia.


The academic year of Jamia begins on 9th of Shawwal and ends on 15th of Sha’baan. Admissions are open till 15th of Zul Qa’dah.
  1. In first and second levels admissions are given after a brief examination.
  2. In third level (college) admissions are allotted with the following conditions:
    Courses Eligibility Criteria
    Moulvi The certificate issued by a registered institution or Certificate of Arabic Entrance or after going through an eligibility test
    Alim Moulvi certificate or equivalent or Arabic PDC Certificate
    Fazil Alim Certificate or equivalent or Arabic B.A.L or B.A. with Arabic as second/optional language or with Islamic Studies as an optional subject
    Kamil Fazil Certificate issued only by Jamia Nizamia
  3. In Faculty of Hifz those candidates are given admission that are capable of reading the Holy Quran correctly and those who have memorized Sura Baqara or Para A’m. Duration of Hifz is three years and one year is given for revision.
  4. Department of Research: Kamil of Jamia Nizamia (postgraduate) or equivalent are eligible for admission in Research.