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Jamia Nizamia Commercial Complex, Gunfoundary

Jamia Nizamia owned a property at Gunfoundary on the main road extending to 3000 Sq yards. This property was leased out to Azamjahi Mills; then to the National Textile Corporation. After vacating the leaseholders, Jamia Nizamia prepared a project to construct a multi-Storeyed Commercial Complex on this property. The construction work was started in the year 2003 and it continued at a slow pace. Anyhow, the six-storeyed structure is completed (cellar for parking and five storeys). The entire complex is leased or rented for Commercial Activities. There is one escalator, two Capsule lifts and two ordinary lifts for comfortable movement of customers, etc. This complex is a boon for shops and offices. It is one of the nice and attractive buildings on the main road from Abids to Secunderabad. Mr. Nazeer Ahmed Siddiqui is the architect of this Commercial Complex who has designed marvellous buildings in Hyderabad. Mr. Yousuf Mohiuddin Arshad from Wali Quadri and Associates is the Structural Engineer of this Complex. Mr. Khaja Bahauddin Farooq Engineer is the overall inchage of this construction work.