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Girls College (Kulyatul Banaat) Jamia Nizamia

On the occasion of 125 th Annual Celebration, a ten-point programme was organized and its foremost agenda was to establish a girls college. By that time, there was no proper arrangement of higher Islamic education for Muslim girls. It is necessary for girls to be aware of Islamic culture, heritage and values to reform and cultivate a well-civilized society. For this reason, in spite of limited resources, Jamia Nizamia established Kulyatul Banaat at Qazipura in a new spacious building. In Kulyatul Banaat provides primary to higher Islamic education in accord with the syllabus of Jamia Nizamia like Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh etc.

After the completion of Kamil, the candidates can take admission in Research (PhD. – Al Daktoorah). Thus, by this time, four students of Kulyatul Banaat have completed their PhD from this college. The certificates issued by kulyatul Banaat and Jamia Nizamia equally valid in Osmania University and other foreign universities. There is a need for college buses for girls’ transportation. The generous are requested to consider the matter.