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Jamia Nizamia Library

There is a vast and spacious library in Jamia Nizamia that houses a wide range of rare and exceptional collection of books related to religious sciences and Islamic arts in various languages like Arabic, Urdu, Persian, and English etc. in printed and manuscripts formats. The library is divided into two different sections of printed and manuscripts books.

Genre of book collection:

The Holy Quran and interpretations, Arabic phonetics and Hadith, obligations and beliefs, Sufism and moral values, medicine and literary genres, eloquence and languages, grammar and spoken Arabic, psychology and philosophy, logic and debate, recitations and prayers, geography and sociology, maths and algebra, newspapers and magazines, and a great treasure of ancient manuscripts. Moreover, there are some musawwadaat in the library penned by Hazrat Shaykh ul Islam.

Study Hall:

There is a hall for reading books, newspapers etc. in which apart from books, Urdu, Arabic, and English magazines on various topics are provided. Teachers, students and members of Jamia take the advantage of this facility.

Forum and Public Speaking Hall:

To have students practiced in Urdu and Arabic oration, there is a separate hall where gatherings are arranged under the guidance of professors. Soon, an Arabic magazine will be published for the topics of the forum. There is a printing press ‘Abul Wafa Afghani Press’ under the library which significantly facilitates the Department of Publication in publishing books of the university and the books of the lecturers.

Department of Propagation and Sermon: :

The scholars and the lecturers of Jamia visit various places in India and abroad for the propagation and strengthening of Islam. They also address weekly sermons on the Quran, Hadith and Islamic jurisprudence. Thus, without much pomp and display, they have been guarding the religious values and reforming the ummah.