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Affiliated and Aided Madaris

The number of affiliated madaris with Jamia Nizamia is 165 in the whole extent of the state and the outside. It includes full time and as well as part time madaris. From these madaris, students take admission in Moulvi and other classes in Jamia Nizamia. Following is the list of Madaris which get annual aid from Jamia Nizamia and after completing primary education from there, students take admission in Jamia Nizamia:

  • Madrasa Darul Uloom Arabia, (Kourampet, Jedcherla),
  • Madrasa Muhammadia (Bandalguda, Osman Bagh)
  • Madrasa Anwaar Uloom Lateefia (Aman Nagar B)
  • Madrasa Fateh Uloom (Kurnool)
  • Madrasa Arabia Anwaar Uloom (Bhavani Nagar)
  • Madrasa Darul Uloom Mahbubia (Masjid Firdous, Misri Gunj)
  • Madrasa Dinia Banda Nawaz (Gulbarga Shareef)

There is a sub-committee set up by the Board of Directors to lookout the activities of these madaris. After inspecting them, the committee approves aid so that the students would take admission in Jamia for higher education a great deal.