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In the Name of Allah Most Compassionate, Ever-Merciful

Knowledge is the life of Islam and the pillar of the religion.

150 years young and still growing that will be an apt description of Jamia Nizamia. Jamia Nizamia is the oldest Islamic university in South India. This university was established in 1872 CE (292 H) by Hazrat Shaykh ul Islam Moulana Hafiz Mohammed Anwaarullah Farooqui Fazeelath Jung. He nurtured and ran this institution on the basis of piety and reliance upon Allah the Almighty. Oftentimes, it happened that when the expenditure of this institution exceeded the income, Shaykh ul Islam would turn towards the Almighty and seek His help. The reverend founder of the university expressed a wish in one of his books as, “One should always seek the divine help as I do. I have neither fixed any limit on the strength of students nor the expenditure. For this very reason, the Almighty has always helped me in maintaining a balance between the income and the expenditure. Thus, this institution prospered day by day and the number of the students increased.” (Matla’ e Anwaar)

Even today, all the requirements of Jamia are carried out trusting in Allah the Supreme Bestower. The fact of the matter is that the institution is among those Islamic institutions which are the fortified places of Islam and the hearts of spirituality. They are the illuminating lamps spreading the light of Islam all over India.

Lakhs of people have quenched their thirst for knowledge from this fountainhead of Islamic sciences and many of them emerged as great Islamic scholars. They actively took their share in teaching and educating, editing and commenting, debate and research, religious preaching and authoring. In almost every part of the world, the scholars of Jamia have been spreading the teaching of Islam. A sufficient number of scholars of this university contributed incredible services to the Muslims of this country in educational, social, cultural and political quarters.

The existence of Jamia Nizamia is a precious legacy and an asset of pride for the Muslims Ummah. The founder of Jamia Nizamia Shaykh ul Islam Moulana Mohamed Anwaarullah Farooqui (May the mercy of Allah be upon him) was a great personality of his time and a prominent Islamic scholar. In spite of having a ministerial post in the Sultanate of Asifia, he never resigned his interests of teaching and educating, authoring and compiling, prose and poetry. He always maintained moderation in his works which is a significant feature of Islam. He had devoted his entire life to the noble cause of teachings of Quran and Sunnah, preaching and publishing of Islamic sciences. He uplifted Jamia Nizamia for primary, secondary and especially for higher Islamic education and also got approved aid for other madaris from the government.