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125 Years Celebrations

In 1996 the Managing Committee passed an important resolution to celebrate 125 years celebrations of the formation of "JAMIA NIZAMIA" . The celebrations were held during the year 1996-97 and a10-point program known as"EDUCATIONAL AWAKENING YEAR" was announced . It is nothing but to ignite the ember of education which was hidden in the Jamia Nizamia movement. With the participation of the great educationalists , scholars , professors, doctors , heads of institutions , reformers. Religious heads , leaders , teachers, litterateurs , great poets , in the said celebration a galaxy was created in the horizon of Hyderabad. The participants who came from America, Saudi Arabia, Qatar,Kuwait, Pakistan, Arab Emirates, Yemen, Germany, Afghanistan, Egypt were honored as Govt. guests of Andhra Pradesh state. The Prime Minister of India Honorable Mr. H.D DeveGowda, The Railway Minister Honorable Mr. Jafar Shareef and Old Students Association of Jamia Nizamia at Jeddah , Sent their messages of felicitations.

On 11th October, 1996 inaugural function of the 125 years celebrations was held under the Presidentship of the Ameer-e-Jamia HazratMoulana Syed Shah Ali Akbar Nizamuddin Hussaini Sabiri. After Qirat and Na'at the president of the inaugural committee Hazrat Moulana Syed Mohd. Mohd-alHussainiSajjada Nasheen ,Gulbarga delivered inaugural address. Shaikhul Jamia HazratMoulana Mufti Khaleel Ahmed welcomed the guests . The Director ,Celebrations Committee, Professor Dr.Mohd Sultan Mohiuddin explained in detail about the aims and objects of these functions. The celebrated guest Dr.Yousuf Kharzavi (Qatar), Professor Ataullah Hussaini , Kamil , Jamia Nizamia (President Al Seerat Society U.S.A), Hon. M.P. Janab Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi , Shri A. Madhav Reddy , Hon. HomeMinister of AndhraPradesh (India) and Hazrat Khaja Hasan Sani Nizami of Delhi also addressed the audiance. The sudents of Jamia sang the poem on JamiaNizamia written by Hazrat Afsar-Ul-Haq Delhvi "Khaim Rahe Ilahai Yeh Jamia Hamara " (By The Grace Of Allah Long Live Jamia Nizamia). Dr. Syed Mohd. Hameeduddin Sharfi conducted the function very successfully and strategically . The function was over after the prayer of the Dean Hazrat Moulana Syed Tahir Razvi.

On the 12th October an international seminar was held in the library hall of JamiaNizamia. The topic was "DEENI MADARIS MAQSAD VA MINHAJ" (Religious Schools and their ways and means). The chair person of the seminar was Hazrat Khaja Hasan Saani Nizami (Delhi) . Professor Nisar Ahmed Farooqi, Professor Mahmoodullah Bakahtiari, Dr.Syed Jehangir Nizami, Dr. Habeeb Tayyab Al Eydrees, Moulana Mohd. Khaja Shareef, Shaikhul Hdith, JamiaNizamia , Moulana Qazi Azam Ali Sufi,Dr.Mohd. Basheer Faizi, Professor Rahi Fidai , Moulana Mohd. Sanaullah Warsi, Janab Aziz Burni, Dr.Abdul Qader Hussain, Moulana Abdul Aleem Islahi and Moulana Abdul Mannan presented their thesis . Dr.Mohd.Saifullah was the convenor of the seminar.

On 13th October a Convocation coincided with the anniversary of the founder of Jamia Nizamia, was held wherein besides degrees, the successful students were decorated with turban and gown. Meritorious students were awarded prizes, gold and silver medals. 24 fazileen and 21 huffaz were granted gowns by Syed Ataullah Hussaini. Naib Shaikhul Jamia Hazrat Moulana HafizMohd. Abdullah Qureshi Azhari, presented the academic report and Janab Syed Ahmed Ali ,Secretary , Jamia Nizamia presented the financial report of the year. Moulana Syed Tahir Razvi threw light on religious education and thought. The famous industrialist of Kuwait Janab Hoshdar Khan , gifted a computer with printer to Jamia Nizamia. The old students of Jamia Nizamia at Jeddah and Riyadh(K.S.A) gifted a fax machine , xerox machine, electronic type writer. A special issue of journal "Anwar-e-Nizamia" was released by Hazrat Qazi Abu mohd.Sirajuddin Khandari , ( nephew of the grand son of Hazrat Shaikhul Islam , the founder) Moulana Hafiz Mohd.Obaidullah Faheem accountant and Dr. Syed Jahangir , associate professor of Jamia Nizamia performed the seminar as secretaries of the celebration commitee.

On the 14th October students of Jamia Nizamia arranged an Indo Pak natiya mushaira under the chairmanship of Hazrat Syed Taher Razvi Sardar-Ush-Shuyukh. 81 poets participated in the mushaira . Hazrat Naseeruddin Bismil conducted the mushaira as convenor and Hafiz Shamsuddin'Zaman' as Vice Convenor . During the celebrations the world renowned Vice Chancellor of JamiaAzhar of Egypt , Fazeelath-Ush_shaik Hazrat Syed Mohd Tantavi , Tahrik Minhajul Quran President Moulana Tahirul Qadri and many other scholars were present.From 1st October to 4th October , 1997 concluding celebrations were held in Jamia Nizmia . International hadith seminar was arranged followed by the below mentioned seminars:-

1. National Seminar on the founder of Jamia Nizamia- His life and services.

2. National Seminar on "fiqh".

Annual Convocation was also held followed by Natiya Mushaira. The foreign dignitaries including Shaik Hasan Hitu Al-Jeelani of Germany, Shaik Yousuf Hashim Rafai of Kuwait, Shaik Mohd.Shatti and Dr.Inayatullah Iblagh Al-Afghani from Afghanistan participated . The Vice Chancellor of Osmania University Dr.V.Ram Kistayya also addressed the convocation. Opening ceremony of the new building of Darul Ifta,(Edict Issuing Center) Darul Zuyoof (Guest House) was also held.Foundation waslaid for construction of Darul Tafseer and Darul Hadith including Girl's college. An exhibition was arranged of the books and manuscripts. On this occasion a special postal cover was issued by the Director General of Post and Telegraphs Department.

The co-operation and help of the fourth estate was a boon to these functions. Siasat Daily News ,Munsif, Rahnuma-e-Deccan, Deccan Chronicle , Hamare Awam issued special supplements during these celebrations. The copies issued were more than one lakh which were preserved in the files of the patrons and remained as history in Journalism. The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle , Andhra Bhoomi, Eenadu, News Time, Saaz-e-Deccan (Hyderabad), Enquilab (Mumbai), Nai Dunia , Rashtriya Sahara (Delhi), Salar ( Bangalore), Riaz Daily, Arab News, Urdu News (Saudi Arabia), Al-Hazan Magazine (Egypt) also published the news of the celebrations with colour photos. In Jeddah, Riadh of K.S.A., Arab Emirates, these celebrations were also held on grand manners.

This year was declared as "EDUCATIONAL AWAKENING YEAR" and the following 10 point programme was presented:-

1. Establishment of a College For Women With Special Emphasis on Islamic Studies.

2. Setting Up A Printing Press To Publish Periodicals And Books.

3. Formation Of An Islamic Research Centre.

4. To Hold National And International Seminars On Different Topics.

5. Establishment Of Branches Of This Jamia In Other States Of Our Country.

6. Formation Of A Computer And Technical Training Centre.

7. Construction Of Tafseer And Hadith Hall.

8. Construction Of A Dawat House For Propagation Of The Teachings Of Islam.

9. Construction Of An Auditorium to Commemorate The Founder Of Jamia Nizamia.

10. Construction Of Commercial Complex on the properties belonging to Jamia Nizamia.

With the completion of the 10 point historical programme there will be unbound progress in the educational activities. To implement these programms about 5 crore rupees are required. In fact 5 Crore is a very huge amount but if the patrons, friends and well wishers of Jamia Nizamia make efforts and pursue in their circles , this target can be achieved.

We appeal to the Philanthrophists, well wishers and patrons to send their donations through Siasat Daily Newspaper, Hyderabad (India) or direct to


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Hyderabad - 500064 (India).

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