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There is a big library containing the books in Arabic, Persian, Urdu and English pertaining to religious studies. This library is a national heritage for religious studies. This library has two different cells, one containing printed books and the other containing manuscripts. The books available in this library consist of the following topics.

1. Science

2. Arts

3. Humanities

4. Holy Quran , printed and hand written

5. Seerat

6. Biography of Islamic writers

7. Hadith

8. Biography of hadith writers

9. Muslim personal laws

10. Islamic mysticism

11. Dialects

12. Literature

13. Medicine

14. Geography

15. Astronomy

16. Philosophy

17. Lexicon

18. Polemics

19. Rules of rhyme and scansion

20. Prosody

21. Algebra

22. Chemistry

23. Accidence & syntax

24. Correct intonation of the Holy Quran etc.


Attached to the library is a reading room in which books on various topics , magazines, news papers in English, Arabic and Urdu are available to the students and teachers.



The students of Jamia Nizamia are prepared for Eloquence, Rhetoric and Oratory in Urdu and Arabic under the supervision of expert teachers every week. This practice is continued in this auditorium.

Propagation of Islam proselytization . The teachers and the students who are capable are sent to the districts and towns of our country to propagate Islamic knowledge and for educational awakening.