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Strict rules are followed during the exams in Jamia Nizamia .Quarterly , half yearly and final exams are being conducted during the academic year . Private candidates can also appear for exams after adhering to the following rules:-

A. Moulvi Exams- Those who have passed Arabic entrance or equivalent exam from any recognized institution can apply after producing necessary certificates or a certificate from a qualified Arabic scholar of eligibility.

B. Those who have passed Moulvi or equivalent exam in Arabic or T.C can appear for Alim.

C. Those who have completed Alim course or equivalent in Arabic or B.A.L or B.A whose optional language was Arabic, or as a second language or completed 'A' with Islamic studies can be allowed for Fazil Exam.

D. Only those who have passed Fazil from this Jamia can appear for Kamil exam.

1. Certificates are distributed every year to the successful candidates. Besides this, those who complete Fazil course are decorated with turban and gown.

2. A large number of private candidates appear for exams conducted in respects of 'Ahle Khidmat Sharia' Qaza'at , Khitabat , Moazzani , Mulla , Qira'at in the accent of Imam Aasim Kufi including Saba Va Ashra . Various centers of examinations are also arranged at district levels by Jamia Nizamia to conduct the above exams.