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Jamia Nizamia is an old Islamic residential University of South India. This institution has been Established in 1872 AD.

According to 292 Hijra by Hazrat Shaik-ul-islam Moulana Hafiz Mohammad Anwarullah Farooqi , (Fazeelath Jung ). He nurtured this institution and run it on the basis of piety and reliance upon Almighty "ALLAH". It was quite often that when the expenditure of this school exceeded the income the founder turned towards the Almighty and sought His help.The reverend founder of this Jamia expressed this desire in one of his books as follows:-

"one should always seek divine help as I do . I have neither fixed any limit on the strength of the students nor on the expenditure. On this belief the Almighty has always helped me in maintaining a balance between the income and the expenditure. This institution prospered day by day and the number of the students increased".

At present also this institution is being administered on the same belief. This institution is in line with other Islamic institutions which are Holy and regarded as the strongholds of Islamic education and centers of spiritual knowledge spread throughout the length and breadth of India and abroad and they are now glowing as stars.

During these 132 years thousands of students have quenched their thirst of education from this fountain of knowledge and enriched themselves in the field of religious education. Many of them have proved their perfection and skills in the fields of Teaching , Writing , Reviewing ,Conversation , Research and Propagation of Islam i.e. theory. The alumni of this Jamia are spread throughout the universe, performing their serene duties. Moreover, a number of students have been the torch bearers in the field of Arts, Science, Humanities, Politics, Socialism and Culture. Their sacred and sincere services cannot be ignored.

Jamia Nizamia is a sacred heritage and an asset in its existence. The founder of this Jamia was an exemplary personality of his time and a reverend scholar. Having worked as a Minister in the Nizam's dominion his hobbies included teaching , editing , publishing and writing of poetry , etc . He always maintained a balance in his approach to his "MASLAK" which he considered as inconsonance with the true spirit of Islam and never touched the extremes. He spent his entire life for teaching work and publishing the Islamic literature.

He brought primary , middle and especially higher education within the scope of Jamia Nizamia and advocated for the grant of aid to all the religious institutions of India. He founded a cell for publications of books. This cell has so far published 1,000 small and big books of great interest in Islamic studies. The great achievement of the founder was to start a big project known as "DAIRAT-UL- MA'ARIF" and played an active role in mastering this project. During his stay in Madina Munawarra , he arranged for copying a book called 'Mustatab Kanzul Aamaal' written by Shaik Ali Muttaki and later got it published in 'Dairatul ma'arif ' as its' first publication. This book forms part of the collection of Hadith. This institution has so far edited and got published more then 300 rare books and manuscripts based on different arts and literature. From the time of formation of this branch the ex-students of this Jamia are engaged in editing and publishing. The founder of this Jamia has also played an important role in the formation of a big library in Hyderabad known as "ASAFIA LIBRARY" which is now called State Central Library. He was always serious about the reformation of the society and in this connection he got sanctions for various schemes by the then government. In all, his pioneering efforts and achievements are countless.

On the pattern of the 'Dairatul Ma 'arif ' he had also prepared one more project known as "MAJLIS AHYA UL 'MARIF NOMANIA ." for compilation of Hanafi Fiqh which is subsequently organized by the scholars of this Jamia to print and publish the rare manuscripts on this subject . Hazrat Moulana Abul Wafa Afghani (Late) was the founder and president of this organization. During the life time of this scholar about 16 books were published under his supervision and guidance. The Hanafi Maslak is grateful to this Sufi saint and this work is acclaimed by the educational world and its benefits are being derived by the scholars.

The yearly budget of the Jamia is 10 million rupees which is met from donations, zakat, skins of qurbani animals and the rent of the properties owned by Jamia. At present there are altogether 1,000 students studying in the Jamia including 500 as inmates . In addition 10,000 students are studying in affiliated schools of Jamia Nizamia.

The sacredness and excellence of this Jamia can be traced from this episode that on 22-12-1321 Hijra , the yearly convocation was being held in Jamia Nizamia which was attended by renowned scholars and distinguished academicians . Hazrat Moulana Abdul Samad Khandhari was distributing the certificates. Moulana Mufti Ruknuddin delivered a befitting speech on the importance of education and Hazrat Moulana Shah Abdul Haq Saheb , The Author of 'Tafseer Haqqani' also delivered scholistic speech on the importance of religious education. During this night Hazrat Moulana Sharfuddin Saheb Rudulvi dreamt that the Holy Prophet was asking for the certificates of Jamia Nizamia to decorate them with His stamp. In obedience the superintendent of this Jamia presented the certificates to the Holy Prophet. The outcome of this dream was that thousands of scholars are produced by this Jamia so far who have served the Islamic world. They have proved their perfection's in teaching, rhetoric, debate, writing and editing, etc. They have enkindled the cherished desire of the founder of the Jamia by adopting his 'Maslak' .( Ahle sunnat ul jamat )

Propagation of the true spirit of Islam and its advancement was their motto. They also restrained themselves from touching the extremes in Islamic approach . Many defects are noticed in the present day education system evolved by different institutions as there is no parity between thought and action. In order to create understanding and correct knowledge of Islam it is necessary to approach Jamia Nizamia.